Saturday, 4 November 2017

Sad Day

What a sad day when as an avid reader of Regency Romances I have this day shut a review blog door on new submissions. When dreadfully written books and no research as can be seen of worth, how can reviewers be expected to review those books. I couldn't and my colleagues didn't want to either. That is so sad but authors are just pushing out awful unbelievable plots and one dimensional characters and they are rubbish books with stolen scenes from other novels jumbled together to make a whole book, or that is how it looks because the stories don't run smooth from page to page as the story develops they seem like different stories unlike when authors deliberately move forward a few days or weeks, months or years, these dreadful stories jerk from scene to scene with no real purpose.  Just awful describes them best. Just awful. The worst are by Harlequin Mills & Boon and the books coming out of Kensington are pretty awful too. There are so many stories stolen from Indie authors than original stories by the named authors it's a crime wave of stolen fiction hitting bookshelves near you and me.   

 So I'm off to read a Heyer novel, an old and trusted author who delivers a good read literary read.