Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Dear Blog,

Where to begin the begin?

Talking romance novels would be good a start because I do so love a charming romance. Charming without it being too sweet and sickly of course. There cannot be much worse than a weak hero and sweety pie heroine. Neither one recognising love for what it is. I mean what can two of these sorts of characters make of love beyond a chaste kiss here and there, and oh my goodness, on the wedding night the hero barely knows what to do beyond a kiss or two and impaling his poor blushing bride on his rampant manhood. Well that's what that thingy between his legs is for, isn't it?


And this is where I want to write, Dear Author,

Might I kindly suggest you read a sex manual in How to Extend your Partners Pleasure. Your hero needs educating in how to pleasure a woman. It's all very well to let him have his end away. Though it is somewhat unfair if his pleasure is attained at the expense of his wife's losing out on an orgasm. Several orgasms would better place him as a lover rather than instrument of insertion techniques. Please amend and extend the wife's pleasure time. Thank you in advance.

Romance IsMe.


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